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i took the road myself

As a 17 year old i never dreamt that i one day would be a goalkeeper coach. Even though it would be a nice future outlook, but then i was playing at the lowest handball series.

One year at handball college changed it all.

I perfected myself so much, that i ended up with a keeper career in Germany. Today i am a full time proffesional goalkeeper in the Faroe Islands, and a goalkeeper coach for others with similar dreams.

My goalkeeping coaching takes place through remote coaching

Don’t hesitate  to call me, and get some more insight about your opportunities.

Booking at DKT

I offer remote coaching, package deals and i collaborate with clubs, unions, companies and schools.

Whether you train as an elite- or as an hobby, does not matter. I coach everyone, which has a passion for handball.

Call me for a noncommittal offer at phone.: +298 267498

You can also book single sessions and courses on above number.

It’s also an opprtunity to make your own wishes.

If you have a wish that you would like me to help you with, then let me know and i will help if possible. If my packages dosent contains what you need, feel free to contact me for an free offer.

what we offer – our services


With goalkeeper coaching i hep you to exploit your potential. Your mental skills will strengthen, and your practical traning will improve.

We work with mind patterns, different types of feedback, strategies and personal goals.



A coaching collaboration will always be on your demand and needs.

It can we solid cooperation, about events and goalkeeper camps etc.




Remote coaching can either  be through Skype sessions or live streaming, or you can send me a clip of a handball match. You can also book me to witness a match through Skype.


What others say about dkt

Anes Kuduzovic

Why are you a goalkeeper? – I am a goalkeeper because it’s fun to have an important role

What makes being a goalkeeper so great? – Everything in general, the training is good which is describe then i think it’s great to be a goalkeeper because of your important role.

Is there anything that you miss in your daily training as an goalkeeper? – Not really, everything is really great.

Where did you get to know DKT – I know Mark from DKT because he was my previous goalkeeper coach.

What did you learn with the collaboration with DKT  – That you should never give up, or say that you cant do it, you ALWYS CAN.

Why should others use the services from DKT – Because Mark has alot of experience being a goalkeeper.

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Do you think that you’ve become a better goalkeeper by working together with DKT – Most definitely, i can really recommend him.

Can you recommend DKT to other goalkeepers I would recommend DKT to everyone that wants to move to the next step.

What is DKT good at – They’re good at giving you the last you need to complete your training, and he’s really great person to be around with off court.