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your dream should be kept pristine

As a goalkeeper coach i will tell you everything directly, but my feedback always leaves room for your dream, which you should keep intact.

At 17 years old i went to handball college which gave me a great confident boost. It’s a turning point, which always is in the back of my head. Especially when i coach elite players from 7-10th grade, and i want them to belive in themselves.

The career took flight

After college i advanced to the 3rd best series, afterwards i went to the danish 2nd division and a single game in the 1st division aswell, only to recive an offer to play abroad. I got a career with handball in Germany, and since then i kept my career going on the Faroe Islands, were i’m an fulltime handball pro player.

Of course there have been bumps on my road, but that only made me stronger. As a goal keeper coach i’m taking full advantage of my experience.

my coaching method

MARK dahl

As goalkeeper coach i often want to tell a young person “You’ll learn from your mistakes and disappointments” The restistance is what makes us work harder. and makes us a better version of ourselves. To give children and young people a positive mindset is a huge rewards for their teamplay, but also for their life in general.

With my experience as a high school teacher, a elite education at the resume and a past as a volunteer education mentor in Denmark, i’ve got loads of experience with supporting and counselling kids.

I’m looking forward to a solid cooperation.


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Emma karup

Why are you goalkeeper? “When I was little, we rotated a lot between back, wing and goal. I quickly realized that I was not afraid of the ball and that I just fits the best in a goal.

What do you think is good at being a goalkeeper? – That you can “steer” the defense a bit and that you are alone on things so you can not say, “It was the fault of guilt,” you can say instead, “It was Emmas ball”

Is there anything you miss in your daily training as a goalkeeper? – I miss more goalkeeper training with basic exercises and what I need and more corrections if I do something wrong

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What did you learn about the cooperation with DKT? I learned a lot about angles, and get rid of many of my “bad” habits. It was among other things DKT (Mark) that made me better up to u12-DM in April 2017.

Why should others use DKT – Because DKT is good at developing a very short time with good and exercises that may seem tough, but it works!

Do you think you’ve become a better goalkeeper by working with DKT? Yes, I do. You can sometimes return to the old habits, but you do.

Can you recommend DKT to other goalkeepers? – Yes and have also done a lot here in Denmark
What is DKT good at? To develop a fast and good

natasja kyndesen

Why are you goalkeeper? – I started playing wing where I was afraid to shoot at targets. I thought it was a shame for the goalkeeper to shoot them. So I was on the track for less than a month.
So I would like to try to score because I think it would be fun to try. Since then I’ve been on goal, and now I’m going to fight to get to the elite team. I would do everything to get better. I would fight out the trousers out of the pants.

What do you think is good at being a goalkeeper? “I think it’s good to be on target because you are challenged in a different way than the other spiders. You are also a little one, you have to believe in yourself, because you stand for yourself in the goal. But you also have the other goalkeepers, so you’re not alone. I think it’s so good that you can have some exercises with home that you can practice and get better at goals. You can always get on the feet faster and there are many who say that a goalkeeper will not do anything. BUT, you must have a good shape. You have to be quick, you have to be ready for something new and much more.

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Is there anything you miss in your daily workout as a goalkeeper? “I might miss a quick reaction training and get some exercises with home you can practice and get inspiration for some exercises I can further develop. Thinking creatively.

Where do you know DKT from? I know Mark because he has been my coach.

What did you learn about the cooperation with DKT? I have learned that I should take it a little more quietly. I have also learned how I do not have my upper body back and I should take some minor steps. I have also learned that I’m going to lock myself when I go too early in the goal.

Why should others use DKT – Because DKT gives you some good exercise that you can work with. He dares to say when there is something to be corrected on and he is good at praising one too. He helps you reach that goal, so you will take one step further in your process / closer to your dreams.

Do you think you’ve become a better goalkeeper by working with DKT? I’ve become a much better goalkeeper by having Mark as a coach. F.x to fall back with my upper body, I do not do that anymore. I have managed it with the small steps, and there is also much more. So yes he helped me to get much better

Can you recommend DKT to other goalkeepers? “I can recommend Mark because he would help you to become better as a goalkeeper. He would do almost everything, only you too will.

What is DKT good at? He is really good at giving lessons.

Anes Kuduzovic

Why are you a goalkeeper? – I am a goalkeeper because it’s fun to have an important role

What makes being a goalkeeper so great? – Everything in general, the training is good which is describe then i think it’s great to be a goalkeeper because of your important role.

Is there anything that you miss in your daily training as an goalkeeper? – Not really, everything is really great.

Where did you get to know DKT – I know Mark from DKT because he was my previous goalkeeper coach.

What did you learn with the collaboration with DKT  – That you should never give up, or say that you cant do it, you ALWYS CAN.

Why should others use the services from DKT – Because Mark has alot of experience being a goalkeeper.

Do you think that you’ve become a better goalkeeper by working together with DKT – Most definitely, i can really recommend him.

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Can you recommend DKT to other goalkeepers I would recommend DKT to everyone that wants to move to the next step.

What is DKT good at – They’re good at giving you the last you need to complete your training, and he’s really great person to be around with off court.